Hammock Hanging Mesh Sleeping Bed Camping Swing Garden Outdoor swing


Strong Nylon Hammock Hanging Mesh Sleeping Bed Swing Outdoor for 2 Persons

1. Made of nylon, strong, durable and breathable.
2. Portable, easy and convenient to carry.
3. Ideal for many household and outdoor activities like camping, hiking, picnic, travelling, etc.
4. Can also be used as a stretcher.
5. Great for relaxing by the pool/ lake to enjoy a cool holiday. Specifications:
1. Material: Nylon
2. Size: 270x80cm(Note: Body of sleeping bed: 180cm;
Expended length: 35cm for each end.)
3. Color: Dark green
4. Max load capacity: 200kg
5. Under the stars with the hanging mesh sleeping bed.
6. Keep campers away from stony ground, slopes, small animals, reptiles and insects.

Package include: 1 x Hammock

Additional information

Dimensions 270 x 80 cm


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