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While traveling abroad, one usually find Hotels with leisure facilities along with as cheap as possible rent but unfortunately both can’t go hand in hand. On the other hand there is a new way of staying abroad during your vacations or business trip i.e

“Staying at Local people own Homes”

Airbnb is a short name of “Air-bed and breakfast”. It is an online marketplace that enables people to list their personal homes/ apartments or Rooms on this website so that guests can find and rent vacation homes for a processing fee. The website has over 1,500,000 listings in 34,000 cities and 192 countries

I used to stay in Hotels during my earlier travels, but since when one of my friend introduced AIRBNB, I would always prefer to book my stay through AIRBNB instead of staying in Hotels.

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Here are the 7 reasons why i feel that AIRBNB is better than staying in Hotel

1. Feeling of a HOME

One of the best thing while staying through AIRBNB is that you get HOME feeling while staying away from home. The architecture, map and all the amenities gives you the relax and casual experience of a home. Be assure that you won’t get any housekeeping services like a hotel  

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My Airbnb in Las Vegas

2. Free Extra facilities

You would get extra facilities while staying in someone’s home like if your Airbnb has Kitchen then you can make your own daily breakfast and meals which will be otherwise very costly if you eat from a Hotel or c café. Also if you are on a budget tour and traveling with minimum clothes then you must select an  Airbnb home which have Laundry facility so you can wash your clothes as required.

While i was Preparing Breakfast in my Airbnb

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3. You get inside culture of the city

Although with the success of Airbnb, people have also rent out their Hotel rooms, Hostels on Airbnb but I always prefer to live in someone house because it always situated away from touristy places. When you live in housing colonies of different cities then only you can get the closure look of their culture, how they live and how differently they live as compared with you.

4. You Make new friends abroad

This is my favorite one ! Right from booking your Airbnb space on internet you start making new friend and after arriving you develop a new relationships and new friends during your stay.

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5. Locals can guide you better than tour operators

I booked through Airbnb for my parents 1st Holiday trip in Singapore. The Host was so helping that he not only helped to use local transport but also guided how they can see famous attractions by spending less. Sometimes locals also help you in buying cheap tickets because many attractions worldwide offer cheap rates for Locals and expensive for foreigners.  

6. Incredible and unique rentals

This is something that you can experience only through Airbnb. People with creative mind and having love with art have made some unique houses all over the world like Tree Houses, Abandoned Ship house, Boat House and you can find budget options like a camp on a roof

7. Meet other nationalities at Multi rooms AirBNB

Some hosts rent all of their rooms of house on Airbnb and thus running a full time business like a Hostel. So when after check-in, you get a warm welcome from other fellows of different countries. You make a group of friends and then explore the city along with them.

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