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Dubai is famous for its attractions. Lot of flights offer very cheap promotional rates to Dubai as its economy does not depend on Oil export comparing to other Arabic countries and hence tourism is the main income source of Dubai. That’s the reason they do everything to attract tourists to their city.


First thing First- Planning

There is no doubt that Dubai is an Expensive city but you can optimize your trip by following three tips: Planning, Planning and Planning 🙂  such as where to stay, when to choose Taxi or Metro, and where you should buy the leisure tickets etc.

How many days are enough for Dubai?

Some people underestimate Dubai and think that it is just a small city and 2 or 3 days are enough to cover its attractions but believe you me, it can take your atleast 10 days to visit its all major attractions. I have visited Dubai twice and have also planned several Dubai tours for my family and friends. What I recommend is if someone planning to visit Dubai first time, must spend atleast 5 days to cover maximum possible attractions.

Things to arrange before departure


Booking your flight:

Although almost every airline in the world has Dubai in its destination list. However it would be cheaper if you book Dubai’s own world class Emirates airline or its sister budget airline i.e; FlyDubai (recommended). Booking any of these 2 airlines will also help in getting Dubai visa quickly (within 3 days)

Booking budget hotel:

No doubt Dubai is an expensive city and staying here is not as cheap as you find in most of South East Asian countries. The only places in Dubai where you can book budget hotels are Bur-Dubai and Deira-Dubai ranging from 40$ to 60$/nite for 2 persons. Make sure that your Hotel should be at walking distance from any Metro Train station.

Also you can use AIR BNB to stay in someone own house in Dubai and pay less than a hotel. Click here to get Free 20$ for your first stay through AIRBNB.    

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Buy-1-Get-1-Free Coupons – Dubai Entertainer Book:

If you are not a solo traveler then purchasing Dubai’s most famous Buy-1-Get-1-free coupons book is a must thing to do. This will save lot of your money if you are traveling with a partner or family. It has more than 2000 Buy-1-Get-1-free coupons such as Desert Safari, Water parks, Fast food, Cafes, Ski Dubai, Ferrari world, Desert Safari, 4 star hotel night stay  etc. You can purchase this book online (recommended) or in any Superstore of Dubai after arrival.   

You can place your Dubai Entertainer Book order here. It will be delivered at your address within 10 days. Want to see the list of coupons before purchase? here is the list.

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Burj Khalifa Top Ticket:

Going first time to Dubai? Your trip will be incomplete without going to the top of World’s tallest building on earth. You must purchase its TO-THE-TOP tickets online before departing on your trip because of the two reasons:

i)  You can select your visit timing according to your choice

ii) If you would purchase tickets after arrival then it is most likely that no slot will be available for next 3 to 4 days and you will miss the chance


Get your Dubai Sim:

Its advisable to purchase your personal Sim card after arrival in Dubai to use it for booking and to use internet, google maps etc

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Desert Safari Booking:

If you have purchased Dubai-Entertainer Voucher book, you will get dozens of Buy-1-get-1 free vouchers for Desert Safari. You must book your Day with them by call or email mentioned on their coupon before leaving for Dubai. The rates vary from 70  to 100 darham/person. You can also find number of websites on Google to book your Desert Safari with them.

Travel checklist:

Want to prepare your bag for the trip and don’t know what to pack . Here is a list of things that i take during my trip. You can select according to your requirement for your travel.

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1st Day: Arrival + Dubai Mall + Burj Khalifa top

Ok, now you have landed to Dubai airport. You can go to your hotel via Taxi or Metro train. After getting refreshed, lets go to visit World’s Tallest building (so far) and World’s biggest mall. You can go there via Metro train and get off at its Dubai Mall station, there is an overhead tube passage (almost 20 min walk) that takes you from Metro station to Dubai Mall entrance.
Dubai Mall is huge and you can’t see it in a whole day, but you must not miss some famous attractions and Snap points like Dubai Waterfall, Dubai Aquarium, The Dinosaur Skeleton, Ice Skating and Kids Section at the top etc

LARGEST AQUARIUM IN THE WORLD – DUBAI MALLPosted by Being A Traveler on Thursday, July 7, 2016



You must reach to Burj Khalifa bottom point (that is within Dubai Mall) atleast 45 min before your printed time on ticket. The whole experience from entrance, going TO-THE-TOP, and viewing from the top is so amazing that you will start loving the advancement and Arabic culture of Dubai.

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In the Evening you must enjoy famous Dubai Fountain Show just outside Burj Khalifa and Dubai Mall. Thousands of people gather after every hour from 6 pm to 11 pm to get amazed from this 10 min show.


2nd Day: Aqua venture Water Park + Dubai Marina Dhow cruise

 Dubai has two thrilling water parks which are not to be missed i.e; Wild Wadi Park (at Burj ul Arab) and Aqua Venture Park (at Atlantis-Palm Jumeirah). I have visited both but recommend Aqua Venture Park because its has almost all Wild Wadi rides plus 5 to 7 additional under water attractions.

You must go on Taxi to Atlantis hotel at 10AM as no Metro station directly links with it, The driver will drop you at the entrance gate of Aquaventure Water Park.

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After enjoying all the rides and slides you will get free almost at 5 PM. Now you should spend your evening at Dubai Marina  where you can walk along huge skyscrapers and have Dhow cruise round along Dubai marina

Posted by Being A Traveler on Saturday, July 9, 2016

TIP: Take taxi from Aquaventure to Dubai Marina which is just 10 min away. You can use Dubai Entertainer Buy-1-Get-1 Vouchers for Dhow cruise round at Dubai Marina

Cost: Aquaventure = 260 dh,  Dhow Cruise 2hrs round = 60 dh (without dinner)

3rd Day: Ferrari World-Abu Dhabi

Ferrari world is literally a world of Ferrari and one must not miss this world largest indoor theme park. It has the fastest roller coaster in the world with actual speed of Formula-1 Ferrari.

 If you are staying in Dubai, you have to go to Abu Dhabi (Yas Island) by Intercity Bus ( Al-Ghubaiba Bus station) and if you want to avoid long queues and don’t want to miss opening show of Ferrari World at 10 AM then you must take the Bus from Dubai that leaves at 0700 AM. 

Going Dubai to Abu Dhabi – Alghubaiba Bus Station DubaiPosted by Being A Traveler on Saturday, July 9, 2016

OR you can reach Abu Dhabi one night before your visit to Ferrari World. If you will enter late then you are gonna  find 2 hrs ques on every ride. Here is Abu Dhabi Bus terminal where you will arrive

Abu Dhabi Bus TerminalPosted by Being A Traveler on Saturday, 9 July 2016

After Reaching Abu Dhabi Bus station, you can either take a local Bus#195 by crossing an over head bridge and going to the other side of the road. The bus would take around 30 min and will drop you outside Ferrari World. If you are traveling in a group then you can go by a Taxi to Ferrari world (but it would be costlyl)

You must always have the Ferrari world map in your hand and must tick mark the rides so that you do not miss any ride. I did this mistake during my first visit to Ferrari world and I missed 30% rides just because I did not follow the map. Then I had to go to 2nd time next year just to take those rides which I had missed. Here is my list of favorites:

  1. Formula Roso (obviously at no. 1)
  2. Flight Simulation
  3. Speed of magic
  4. GT challenge

FERRARI WORLD – WORLD`S LARGEST INDOOR THEME PARKPosted by Being A Traveler on Saturday, 9 July 2016


If you have to come back to Dubai on same day then you should leave from Ferrari World at 1730 hrs maximum.

You can use Buy-1-Get-1 coupon for Ferrari world from Dubai-Entertainer voucher book


  • Bus from Dubai (Al Ghubaiba station) to Abu Dhabi (Main Bus terminal) = 25 AED one side
  • Local Bus# 195 from Abu-Dhabi Main Bus terminal to Ferrari World = 10 AED one side
  • Ferrari World full day pass = 250 AED

4th Day: Deira Dubai Bazar + Museum + Desert Safari

Since pickup time for Desert Safari tour is normally between 2.30 PM to 3.30 PM so you have ample time to walk around Old Dubai city AKA Deira Dubai and Bur Dubai. In order to go to Deira Bazar, you must cross the Dubai Creek on a local boat. The boat starts at Bur Dubai near this beautiful bazaar which gives you a theme of Aladdin movie  🙂

DEIRA DUBAI – Rich in Arabic CulturePosted by Being A Traveler on Saturday, July 9, 2016

Dubai Museum

Dubai Museum – BUR DUBAIPosted by Being A Traveler on Saturday, July 9, 2016

IMPORTANT: Make Sure you have booked your Desert safari tour in advance with any one company mentioned on your Dubai Entertainer vouchers book or online. Otherwise you can search it on Google where you will find number of tour operators.

The pickup point for Desert Safari tour is 1430 to 1500 hrs, so you have some spare time in the morning. You can spend this time by visiting Dubai Museum in Deira Dubai.

After that 4-Wheeler cars will pick you from your hotel or some pre-defined location (You must have Dubai SIM so that driver can contact you for pickup)

The whole desert safari experience starts from 1500 hrs and will end tll 2100 hrs, and includes:

Dune Bashing
BBQ Dinner (Vegetarian & Non Vegetarian)
Free Camel ride
Free Unlimited Shisha
Photography during sunset
Unlimited Soft Drinks, Water, Coffee and Tea
Free Sand Boarding
Belly Dance Show
Tanoura Show
Puppet Show
Free Henna
Toilet facilities
Free Arabic Dress Photography

DESERT SAFARI – DUBAIPosted by Being A Traveler on Saturday, July 9, 2016

5th Day: Miracle Garden + Global Village




Dubai Miracle Garden is one of the most visited place by the tourist due to its colourful attractions made from millions of beautiful flowers. It is situated near Dubai Cricket Stadium and you have no Metro Train option to go there. So you have to take a Taxi to go there.

TIP: Since Dubai weather is always hot round the year so best time to visit Miracle Garden is at 4 PM and gets closed at sunset.

Cost: A taxi would take approx 30 dh one side . Entrance tiket = 35 dh


MIRACLE GARDEN – DUBAIPosted by Being A Traveler on Saturday, July 9, 2016



Global Village



GLOBAL VILLAGE – DUBAIPosted by Being A Traveler on Sunday, July 10, 2016



Normally Global village remains open from November to March so if you are going Dubai other than these months then you won’t be able to visit Global Village. For that you have a similar place IBN-E-BATUTA MALL that is also designed on Global village theme. The entrance of the Mall is in Egyptian style and then several lobbies in the mall are designed in Chinese, Indian, European and Arabic Culture.

TIP: There is Metro Station just in front of Ibne Batuta Mall, so no need to take expensive taxi   



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