Getting Police Character Certificate and attestation from MOFA (Ministry of Foreign Affairs)

Bilal Azam

There are several countries which requires that you must not have any criminal record before your visit to their country. For example China, Indonesia, Philippine and few others. Hence in order to apply visa of these countries, you must get Police Character certificate. As of 2023 there is no option to apply this certificate online. I have applied this certificate in Lahore for my Indonesia and China visas and here is my experience.


You can visit any Police Khidmat markaz to get this certificate. I have personally applied the one in Allama Iqbal Town – Moon Market and many people also apply in Liberty Market Police Markaz. However it is recommended to always search your nearby Police markaz as per your residence.


The process is very simple.

  1. Just visit the Police Khidmat markaz
  2. Take a form and fill the application
  3. Submit the Form + Picture + CNIC Photocopy + Passport Photocopy
  4. Also take your original CNIC with you
  5. Your instant picture will be taken
  6. Ideally there is no Govt. Fees for this certificate
  7. However you have to submit 350 Rs fees for TCS home delivery (You can write any address on TCS bag other than your CNIC address to receive this certificate)
  8. The certificate will be delivered at your mentioned address after 2 ~ 3 days


For Indonesia visa, they only required Police Character Certificate. However for China visa, the embassy also demands to attest this character certificate from MOFA. Their office in Lahore is near MALL ROAD. Opening hour is 8:00 am and when you reach there, you will see there are already 1000 people standing in line who came at 6:00 am to get their things done. Hence standing in que for 3 ~ 5 hrs is a must thing. Better to come early and leave early.

REQUIREMENTS: Original Police Certificate + photocopy of CNIC + photocopy of Police Certificate


  1. After 2~3 hrs standing in que, you enter in the premises and will be given a Token Number.
  2. Then you will stand in another que to pay for the Post Stamps (worth 50 ~ 100 Rs)
  3. Then you will be sent to HALL # 2 (upstairs) and stand in another que to submit your documents
  4. You have to wait atleast 3 hours in waiting area after which your Token number will be called and documents will be handed over


Personally i found this MOFA process very cruel, tiring and humiliating in this modern age. The Govt can make this process very simple and can reduce many steps. Overall you have to dedicate a full day for this activity. TCS and other couriers also give this service to get your attestation done in 700 Rs however their processing time is 10 days. If you are not time bound then you should avail this service instead of wasting full day in long ques.

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